Tuesday, June 25, 2013


June, the month when summer arrives and thoughts turn to the beach. Well for me the beach is always in my thoughts, it's my happy place! The Super Moon brought with it low tides which makes for wonderful beach walks and treasure hunting.

This month I created an altar piece for Kathy. From my beach to hers, "Gnoming Coastal" came about. Using polymer clay, perfect pearls luster dust and a wee gnome whispering in my ear a gnome sand castle came to life. Calvin, the Camano Crab does a fine job as sentry.

So the next time you're at the beach listen closely you may hear the giggling of sand gnomes and perhaps come upon one of their sand castles. They will gladly accept gifts of small shells with much delight!

Happy Summer!


  1. Amazing. You are so talented with polymer and sculpting. WOW

  2. What a cool sandcastle! I can totally imagine being in it and looking out at the sand. I can also hear the crab gettin crabby - "Why does that sandcastle keep getting taller?! I just want to pinch it with my awesome crab claws. they are so sharp. I'm such a crabby cool crab. Arrrrrrrrrrr!"