Saturday, June 08, 2013

May FULL MOON # 10

Here I am once again late - :( - sad face, best laid plans that go a stray. My little piece of art goes to Gwen and it is being posted today.

My inspiration for May was the little piece of enamel work I did with my sister in law Terri. The piece always reminded me of the Full Moon shining on the beach. Going through my 'po' I found these little turtles. I then thought of a novel I read years ago set in S Carolina and related as part of the story about the turtles that come ashore at night to lay their eggs. So I Googled Carolina and turtles. Sure enough there was the story about Logger Head Sea Turtle that lives its life in the ocean, only to come a shore at night to lay their eggs. These turtles will lay eggs at 2-3 year intervals and 3-4 clutches may be laid in one season at 12 week intervals.  Clutch size will average around 115 eggs.

Lynn Hranach


  1. Lynn,

    What a lovely piece of bead work. And the little piece of enamel work is wonderful. Oh my!!! Hugs, Marilynn

  2. Lynn, I think your piece is beautiful. Worth the wait :) Nancy

  3. Lynn I just love it. Turtles were my thing for a while in my teens and I still have a few in my collections. I've always wanted to see the turtle hatchlings make their way to the sea.
    And I *love* the door. Another one I can open and walk through when I need a new door in my life. :)


  4. I agree. Maybe I can visit it sometime (lol) it is very beautiful work Lynn!
    And I love the turtle story. I got to visit that beach a few years ago and it was a very special place including the
    alligators strolling along the causeway at the entry to the beach. You are not allowed to have flashlights or electronic devices on that beach to protect the turtles.

  5. Thank you for all the praise! WOW! I really had fun doing the piece. Now on to June Alter - I have my 'thinking hat' on. Blessing to all of you!


  6. So beautiful, Lynn! Just love it and all the thought you put into. Amazing colors as well!