Thursday, June 27, 2013


June inspirations started with the explosion of plant life in the garden. The weather cannot decide if it should be hot or cool, Rain squalls have played  tag with a day or two of summer-like  heat, meanwhile rain batters the flowers.

Moss has really taken hold and I find it fascinating to see all the different varieties in my garden. Using the moss as inspiration I created texture plate from moss I found in the rainforest  of the Olympic Peninsula. It has a zigzag shape and that is what I used to create this tiny kimono in copper. I added the full moon in the background of white glitter paper on a background of felted velvet and red wool .

 The tiny butterfly came from my Susan Clarke Button collection and there is a tiny star caught up on the bottom of the dress. The twig is from my contorted hazel shrub and I added a wee pink pearl flower I hand wired in place.  I searched far and wide through my stash for just the right word to finish off my piece for Marilynn and after many distractions (ohhh shiny things, hmmm I forgot I had this….) I found Summer!  
Perhaps it will appear now???


  1. WOW - it's so beautiful. Love the inspiration, colors, everything!

  2. How awesome that your Kimono design fits in one of the boxes! Such the perfect wee spot for it. I love how the pearls and butterfly compliment one another. It's a perfect summer kimono. And of course, I think those branches are da bomb. I love how they twist and aren't perfect. Lovely, lovely. Someone's quite lucky.

  3. Anonymous11:16 AM

    O.K. let's see if we can get my comments printed this time... as Lynn V says, WOW!!! I am so honored to receive this beautiful Kimono. The picture does not do it justice as it is way more beautiful in person. I would love to work with this copper ac and hopefully will be able to with our dear Peg in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you... BIG HUGS, M