Monday, November 18, 2013

Howling winds and Full Moon Of November

It's a good time to be inside, curled up with a warm blanket and a good book. As I write the rain is falling dancing from bare branch to bare branch. slithering among the fallen leaves and mud.

This is a bittersweet time for me as we come to the end of our Little Altars project. Only one more to go and we have completed each spot in our printer's Drawer that is serving as home for each tiny altar.
 This has been an interesting  and challenging experience. Following the full Moon cycles seem to make the months fly by. But a the same time it was very interesting to see how my inspirations turned up at the different times of each cycle. I loved the freedom of exploring different mediums each month and having to keep things small enough to fit in each different space. As well as consider how well each little altar would travel and then be placed in it's new home once it arrived.
I always likes USPS's Priority mail but after this project I simply adore it. Not only do they provide such sturdy shipping boxes but I could track exactly when each box arrived at no extra charge. (No I do not work @ the post office but there is my shameless promotion today.)

 After all the little Altar offerings for November's Full Moon we will be taking a break during December and finishing our last altar in January.
 Keep checking back as I will be adding more posts for the enitre year as life prevented a few altars from being created until now.
 It is very  fun to receive your comments and inspires each artist to create  more wonder and beauty  as the months progress. I will also be posting completed altar photos for each Artist who participated in the project as well as each piece they created during the project so you can see " the whole Picture"

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  1. You shameless promoter you! ;)

    It is bittersweet ending this... I've really enjoyed it and learned so much about myself and my artistic capabilities. I'm so glad you invited me and that I challenged myself. Thank you!