Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Full Moon #4

For Beth
 As November winds down the year it is a time of rest for the garden and the gardener. I was sneaking up upon a butterfly to photograph and look what I found…

 A wee garden shed with tools and wellies all cleaned up and put away till next the garden chores call.

 Background Created from Fabric I created with felt, quilting fabrics, sparkle, glitter, chiffon, paint and rubber stamps. Boots decorated with gel pens, tiny bucket and tools wrapped with a leaf vine I created from beads and wire
Cheers Peg


  1. I love those wee little boots! So cute!! Boots for the little squirrels and rabbits that visit Beth's garden. :)

  2. OMG - seriously darn cute!!!!! Truly love it. Unfortunately my year was so busy I spent very little time in my garden this year. Your little altar gives me hope for next year!

  3. Anonymous4:23 PM

    This little altar piece is so ME! I just love it!! If I could get my size 9's in those wee boots I would in a minute! I wish my tools and gear looked this good at the end of raking all those leaves...The background fabric reminds me of how the sky looks as the fall day ends....Thanks Peg! Hugs, Beth

  4. Perfection! this is SO Beth!! I really like the touch of lace cuffs on the boots!!
    Cheers, Cyn