Monday, November 18, 2013

October Full Moon #11

 October Altar piece for Marilyn
Dearest Marilyn and other members of our Altar group….. I apologize for not getting my piece turned in on time last month but at least it is as it is for the full moon this month!  The move from Bellevue ended up being so much more than we anticipated and it was totally consuming and exhausting but alas it is over!
Knowing that Marilyn was a quilter I had this brainy idea to do a quilt block for her – with real blocks.  The intent was to cover all 6 sides of a cube with different pictures so she would be able to move them around and make different “quilt blocks” with them.  A fun idea!  But the paper would not adhere to the wood blocks and trying to get them all even was a nightmare. I worked on it for a few days, would set it aside, and then work on it again.  I finally decided that covering 4 of the sides was enough to give the idea.  I would like to revisit the idea in the future and perhaps it will give all of you an idea to try a different type of “quilt block”.
Then I had to set out to figure out a way to keep the square of smaller squares in the altar section.  So I came up with a box with a window covering that will open.
I hope you enjoy the idea…and who knows maybe you too will make a contemporary wood quilter’s block!!


  1. OMG - it is soooo cute! I love the pictures you chose and the little window door. Very creative. Glad to hear you can relax in your new home with no further thoughts of a big move hanging over your head. Cheers!

  2. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Super cool idea! How did you ever make it so small? I can see doing this on a larger scale-and maybe I will! Thanks for the inspiration.....Hugs, Beth