Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Full Moon #2

Hello Ladies,

I was thinking throughout the month about now excited I am for Thanksgiving….we are always in Dallas with my elderly in-laws, 92 & 87.  They are healthy, happy, and love our visits.  We love them too.  So, you would think that I would automatically be thinking about making a Thanksgiving themed altar project.  However, I have the Christmas bug!!!!!  I usually have all of my shopping done before Thanksgiving and this year is no different.  That allows me to really enjoy December and all of the parties, cooking, and visiting that goes on between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

I decided to utilize a cute little angel that I had.  It needed to be painted which was very challenging for me as I am not trained by or related to either Hummel or LLadro!!!!  I know he is a little rustic and sports a very nice tan but what would you expect of a heavenly being?  They are always in the sunshine!  Of course, his wings are iridescent.  I found a beautiful card with dimensional pointsettias and included with the card was a cute little pin which I have included as part of your altar package.  I hope that you like it and that it helps you focus on Christmas and all of the things you have to be Thankful for during this holiday season.

I am thankful for all of you and the opportunity to work together on this amazing project.

Warm Regards and Blessings!!!!

Lynn V


  1. Wow! He is tiny. I like the tan and the red sash. The way he's sitting makes me giggle because it reminds me of several men I passed on Fire Island. Though, his is much more angelic! ;) I like knowing about your tradition of finishing by Turkey Day to enjoy all the gatherings. That makes so much sense. More sense than my wait until the last minute - but I'm changing that!! Great job Lynn!! Enjoy Thanksgiving w/ your in-laws & all your holiday gatherings.

  2. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I love how he sits on the edge of box-it helps add dimension to the piece! I too am thinking more about Christmas than Thanksgiving-which is bad because I'm having 17 for turkey dinner!! Have a great holiday season Lynn! Hugs, Beth

  3. i'm with You Lynn! finish before Turkey day and enjoy December!! of course I'll be baking...a favorite past time and have involved myself I a couple of cookie exchanges and plan to "cookie bomb" a few places. this piece is delightful and a great way to bring in the most wonderful time of the year!!
    Cheers, Cyn