Sunday, April 28, 2013


Another cycle of the the moon has passed and here we are at the end of April. The looming date of April 15, has passed and we all have passed by TAX DAY.
 This has been a month of deep sadness for all of the  ugliness in Boston and the tragic fires in Texas.  these things effects us all in ways that are hard to express sometimes but deeply felt all the same.
 I am so glad to have my studio  and the plethora of materials in my stash to escape from the sadness and create.

 My yard has been bursting forth with green shoots of all varieties and it seems  a giant carpet of blooms have appeared in the place of just the soil. there is a delightful jumble of color and fragrance delighting me at every turn in the garden. I even love the bright cheerful dandelions making their appearance among the flowers.
 It's the time to think of gardens and planting and dreaming of warm nights and long days and perhaps SUNSHINE!
This month's spot was a small space compared to last month's larger rectangle. I found it  a bit more of a challenge
 But here we go to explore how everyone  was inspired and how everyone enjoyed

 not only that glorious Full Moon which we were able to see but the added bonus
 of a lunar eclipse

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  1. Dearest Peg,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, as always, for all of your hard work, creativity, and your beautiful personality. I am so lucky to have met you. So lucky that you included me in your latest group art project. Lucky to be co-creating with such amazing artist.