Monday, April 01, 2013

Storm MOON 9

What a quick month March has been.  Just back to work after a week’s vacation, here in Seattle with guest from out of town. But I'm happy to say Lynn Hranac Storm Moon # 3 box B travels to her under the full moon tonight March 27th 2013.

 It's a surprise because you both have seen these lovely pieces of Coral.  Yep! It's from one gathering of folks when we brought gifts to share and you could either open one or take one and of course I took the coral you had opened
 The challenge for me was taking these wonderful pieces of coral and wrapping wire in and around them to create my " Missy Hen"! She loves her family and carefully looks over her eggs. Fancy she is with her cape and That was my inspiration for the Storm Moon # 3.  I looked at Lynn H's box and saw her love of family and wine! hat & tail feather.

The Eggs lined up are simple coral beads & have a great feel to them.

I like her, she fits well in the space! Really like her feet that dangle too!
Happy Storm Moon to ya,
Kimberly Kostal


  1. Just the colors and so creative. Very nice....

  2. What a Cluck-er hee-hee I adore her & what a delightful thing to do with the coral, Does that make her Chicken of the Sea??
    Great job Art and humor