Sunday, April 28, 2013



I love the smell of fresh cut grass and new bark (lumber too!).  I love spring, sunshine, flowers, and the promise of warm days to come.  I plant new things every year and watch them grow.  I quite literally check things almost every day to see even the most miniscule fraction of growth.  My husband laughs at me when I make him look at the tiniest first tomato that is barely the size of a 1mm pearl.

I recently used Polymer clay for the first time and decided to try something again this month.  Somehow, I couldn’t keep my flowers small enough, they wanted to be big and be worn instead of hiding inside their little shadow box all of the time so I had to design my box to “hold” two small flowers that could be easily removed.

I wanted fresh grass, blue skies, and a puffy cloud.  The cloud, seemingly ever present here in April (and most of the rest of the year), is the reason we have so much green and so many beautiful flowers and trees.  I used a two-step process for making my lawn.  I cut tiny little pieces of grass from my clay and baked them.  Then I hand planted each individual blade, approximately 50, with tiny tweezers and then baked again to complete the process.  Cut to shape and it sits neatly in front of my hand painted sky with glittery cloud.  This grassy foreground then acts as a stand to keep my flowers standing up.  Tucked behind each flower is a sterling silver earring wire so they can be picked from their perch in the grass and worn.  They seemed lonely to me and I wanted a pendant to match.  Wouldn’t fit in the box so it is just a little added bonus.  The flowers were made with Polymer clay and just before baking I hand painted the leaves with powdered pigments to add a pearlescent shine.

To install in the box, just glue the back piece “sky” down, slide the grass in, and then place the earrings behind in the grass with their ear wires hidden behind.  Keep your necklace on hand and wear when the mood blooms in your heart.

I hope that Gwen likes my little altar installation and that the color of the flowers are something that will compliment her wardrobe on occasion.

Best wishes to all,

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