Sunday, April 28, 2013


The full moon is here!!  And it arrived early as far as I can tell!  I have been entrenched in making jewelry for the Camano Arts Studio Tour and have hardly come up for air.  You are all invited to come up!  The information can be found through my or through the Camano Arts Association website .  I would love to see you!!

The project for this month has been in the works for a while.  I too did research and found that this is the month for planting, seeds and all the good things that Peg told us about.  And this full moon is also called the pink moon.  So in trying to do something that fit with the moon names and knowing that Beth loves gardening and plants....I came up with “Strawberry Fields Forever!”
The strawberries are sort of pinkish/red, they have seeds on them, and Beth loves gardening!  The slight little snafu is that all the berries didn’t ripen yet so there is only one in the spot now....but with more to come!
The berry is felted and then bead embroidered!  Fun to make!!  If only we could eat it too!

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  1. It's so precious!!! It looks good enough to eat and I like how it stands out from the rest. So beautiful. Great work. I know nothing about felting but I can imagine the detail it took and the beads are so TINY! TINY things are hard for me to work with. =)