Sunday, April 28, 2013


Inspired by Lynn Hranach’s comment last month about gardens and weeds, I love to watch as my gardens went from scraggly to full blown lushness.

 Each morning as I open the curtains I watched the garden burst into spring, as my friend Beth Drobny (the master gardener and owner of the “Dirty Hoe”) says with a naughty chuckle “some of those plants shoot up thru the dirt like men parts quivering with anticipation!!!” ((reworded for public use.hee heee hee))

 The spot for this month was small and I wanted just the right thing to fit.

I have been itching to weave wire and after a few attempts to get the warp and weft balanced I created a wee basket/bird nest of copper wire.
I added small chips of amethyst as a ledge as well as for color and the stones legends say it adds serenity and calmness to a person wearing it. It also is supposed to prevent drunkenness. (I will check with Lynn Later about that one)

 I then added glass leaves, pink pearls and a art glass bead from Unicorn beads which I used as the egg for the nest. I choose that bead because of  the possibilities I could see while gazing into the surface of the egg.

That is my wish for the piece to be full of hope and endless possibilities for
 Lynn Hranach this year.

  Cheers Peg

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!! So beautiful and creative. My one attempt at weaving with wire left much to be desired. It is hard to get everything so neat and even and to have NO KINKS is amazing. Great work!!!!