Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Full MOON # 9

I finally received my fused pieces from Glassique in Lady City. Yeah! For the Flower Moon I wanted to use the shape of a leaf to engulf the fused glass. Choosing the background color I had a couple of options.  Really loved the red, but the sticky silver-glitter paper was the right amount of pop! Used black diamond crystal beads and attached them on the ends as I finished each section. Cut the silver box for easy setting in the D space and encased my almost 5 inches of wrapped blue leaf wire into the 2 1/2 inch space.

Little Alters project to Marilyn; I'd like to call the "Starry Night That Holds the Sunset".

Best regards,



  1. Beautiful....I love the details and the fact that you made the glass yourself!

  2. Love the fresh colors and sparkle created with the giltter [a[er
    Well done