Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Little Altars Project Storm Moon

Chihuly garden & glass Seattle WA
Welcome to the Full moon of March 2013.
In my original research before beginning this project I looked up the names of each month's full moon. It was very interesting to discover how many different names there were and how they changed according to location and people who had lived there.
 The storm moon ring right for me and I have really enjoyed all of the weather changes that have occurred this month. I have had the pleasure to go to the Chihuly Glass and Garden Museum twice last year and spend several very pleasant afternoons drinking in the rich colors and forms displayed there. This photo reminds me of the way Mother Nature calmly but forcefully brushes winter aside and the bulbs thrust forth from the barren ground full of promise of new life and color.

I wait  not so calm and collected each month as each artist sends me photos and inspirations of their work, I do not allow myself to open the emails until the full moon arrives. I even make myself wait to open my own treasure arriving in the mail.
 It is with great pleasure I unfold this month's delightful full moon spectacle of Stormy Moon delights.


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  1. I love the chihuly picture! It reminds me of a birthday cake. A fun inspiration for a rather stormy month. Yes, storm moon does seem quite apt. :)