Friday, March 01, 2013

Snow MOON 9

The cycles of the moon are expectedly on my mind these days and so was the fanciful world of Faerie Tales.
 I have always loved the Man in the moon and especially the quarter waxing moon. So after seeing the amazing gnomes and birds and snowcicles    Cyn made last year I was very inspired to try paper clay.
 I worked with it back in the mid 90’s stumbling my way thru but stopped and carried on with metal clay which led me to all of you! But I digress, so back to the process… I adore faces young, old, human, critters,  drawn, sculptured. You get the idea. So off  to my studio. Created the faces and waited  for 3 days of drying time to pass. In the mean time off creating my flower crowns and fascinators bases.

 Time is up…dry ready to sand then off to the studio to paint. I wanted these to have the look of old bronze weathered and patinas of blue green. I have been studying with Michael DeMeng who is a master of acrylic washes to achieve weathered effects with paint. Well-l-l-l-l-l-l a week later I finally achieved bliss.

Then off to my paper supplies cupboard to find just the right background for Mr. Moon. Used 60lb water color paper and applied free form inks in metallic and opaque inks in a random pattern. The golden heart was a surprise the next morning when I went back to see what occurred.
It was a delightful joining of paper to moon and inspired February  Love  themes, as well as Lance and I celebrating our 35th Anniversary on Valentines Day.

 So Dear Lynn Vernon I am sending Mr. Moon inspirations  to grace your  spot A

Peg Gyldenege


  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    The moon is fabulous! He looks like he's ready to say something profound! Beth

  2. I love the wrinkles around the Moon's eye. And the heart is such a magical occurrence! Love it!