Friday, March 29, 2013


AS I was walking in the garden checking for new growth and seeing what damage this past winter left behind. I was greeted by a chorus of crows. Flitting from tree to tree and mocking a squirrel with unusual flair. Then settling in to watch me and discern if there was food involved. Sensing that was a lost cause they quickly moved on to other pursuits.

Crows  have always fascinated me and I am among the growing number of fans of those who adore crow images in art.  My inspiration was forming for this spot B. First my thought went to needle felting wee crows to sit in this space and comment about everything that would be going on below them.  Then the Movie “ OZ the Great and Powerful” was released and off I went to see it. I have always been a Frank L Balm fan and read every one of his books when I was growing up. Unexpectedly as an adult I was given my Dad’s childhood book the Scarecrow of OZ. I was so jazzed up after the movie and the group of us who attended all got together and had a great time discussing the movie and how well it complemented the original movie. I got my book out to share and it fell open to my favorite illustration of 3 black birds. That was all she wrote as they say and off I went, traveling inspiration road.

 Speaking of traveling my friend Kathy is the Champion Traveler, not only have I vicariously traveled to many locations thru her photos and pictures, but I have had the pleasure of traveling with her to places I never even knew existed.
 Got out my paper and pencils and began to sketch birds, birds, birds from there I transferred my images to shrink plastic and began to add color and detail.  Worked several days to get just the right look, I wanted them to have that certain jaunty quality that well seasoned travelers have as well as a sense of humor which is a quality all travelers should maintain, cause you never know what is around the next corner.  Then I carefully cut out each bird and true to form I had to build up the courage to shrink each of them. But of course I do or die moment came at 11:30 pm.

I really love how they turned out and then I searched long and hard for the perfect background and found this great paper print of Venice. Got out my newest material washi tape and created the signpost.

Here is the hard part sending my babies out into the world.  But I did it the flight was a bit wobbly but as you can see they made it not only to Venice but to Camano Island.

Enjoy my traveling friend, enjoy



  1. So creative and cute!!!! I must try shrink dink! Beautiful detailed drawings of your beloved crows....

  2. That is awesome, Peg. Love the road you are going down. Thank you so much for sharing. You truly are an inspiration. The crows are cute. I see a story with them. How fun and mischievous they look. Hugs, Julz

  3. Thank you! I love the crows visitng Venice! They are already nesting and resting in their Altar spot awaiting the next adventure! I was wondering if you had used the shrink plastic or had purchased and colored the birds....and now i know! I have never playing with it before so now I will have to try it. The crows are a perfect addition to my crow collection,
    Thank you!!