Thursday, March 28, 2013

Storm MOON 5

As is the case eachmonth, I have an idea, I change it, refine it, re-imagine
 it, then begincreating it.  Mid-course design change ideas abound, generally including amistake or two on my part!!! 

My original goalwas to carve a doll face this month.  Instead, I used a mold to createhands, face, and adornments with Polymer Clay.  Until this month I havenever worked with polymer clay!!  In a future month I will handcarve/sculpt something fun.  This month, I was led in a different direction. Polymer Clay was simply one of the firsts for me this month.   I alsodecided to create my own hand painted fabric, a hand tied scarf for my doll,and to add words of wisdom/encouragement on the fabric.
I love jewel tones– blues, purples, greens, etc. so they are incorporated in this month’screation.

The words writtenon the fabric are meant to be thought of like those magnetic puzzles on therefrigerator where you arrange the words for your thought of the day ormoment.  Following are the words/poems included:

One saying by RitaMae Brown:  Creativity comes from trust – Trust your instincts. Another is (not sure of author) “ I am a woman clothed in strength, dignity,and pride”.   Use these words and the words that follow and arrangethem as you view/hold this creation day to day:  Love, Faith, Creativity,Dream, Be, Confident, The, Strong, Queen, Possibilities, Tomorrow, Today,Artful, Content, In, Believe, Kind, Moon, Stars.  Since my recipient thismonth is none other than “The Queen of Possibilities” I wanted to include thosewords and a crown!  =)  Please note the beautiful auburn hair!!!!!!

I love spring andbeautiful cherry blossoms so the background of the shadow box has a photo thatshould be glued down to serve as her resting place in the park.  I made acorrugated COPPER stand with a beautiful flower on the front that should beglued down towards the front so the flower extends below the ledge.  Sherests here peacefully contemplating all things in her beautiful park.

I hope you enjoyyour Snow Moon doll.  Funny thing, today was the first day we actually hadmore than a trace of snow!!!  Just over 3”.  Timing is everything…..aperfect day to complete her.

Lynn Vernon
an update from Peg
Adding photos of my lovely Goddess now resting in her new home, and you can see she is creating spring flowers everywhere


  1. To who ever was this artist - lovely choices. That photo is divine. And fun creations came from your play! I love it all!

  2. It's mine...I'm glad you like her. I hope there is room to post a picture of the completed doll when Peg has time.

  3. Here you go m'dear My sweet goddess photos posted. Truly inspirational and full of magic

  4. She looks happy in your garden....crazy that just a week before we had a little snow storm day....Ciao Bella