Wednesday, September 04, 2013

August FULL MOON #9

I have been gathering Madonna statues, religious icons, pictures of Saints and angels and even dashboard Marys for quite some time and I am the least religious person you could ever meet! For some unknown reason they have been calling to me and I decided to use those images in this month's altar.

The image is from a tiny (2x3 inch) book on angels. I cut her out, removing her wings because I wanted her to be the Saint of Art.
 I made her halo out of a vintage watch face and used 1/4 inch foam sticky tabs to raise the image up off the background paper.
 I like the shadows and depth this gives it.
 I added some gold and purple sparkle to her neckline, because even Saints like their bits of glitter!!
 Mini scrabble tiles for the word ART- and her finger pointing at it just in case you didn't get it.
 She's my kind of Saintly figure...Beth


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I love this small piece of ART!! Your use of multi texture is wonderful, great work. Hugs, Marilynn

  2. Love that you gave Mary some bling!!

  3. The watch face is very symbolic as in watching out for inspiration where ever you are. Love it!

  4. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I am the happy recipient of this piece, and I love it. It is elegant, simple, and well designed. I'm glad to get to share things that are calling to Beth. Thanks, Beth! Nancy