Friday, September 27, 2013

September Full Moon #5

 The forest is a buzz, Mother Nature is quite the task master! Every fall the faeries are in a dither trying to get all the leaves repainted in her glorious fall pallet.

 Charles, Charlie to his friends who lives in the house there in the small clearing just across Giggling Creek. Ever the helpful soul every year he tries to help out the leaf duty, and every year the faeries not wanting to hurt his feelings must take the time to "hide" his paintbrush! There is still no mention of the year he improvised using Sherman Squirrel's tail.....Sherman is still rather miffed, though sporting a very colorful tail. Charlie's not home right now, he's out making sure all the forest critters are prepared for winter. Using his excellent carpenter skills to make sure nests and burrows are ready for the coming winter. He also will add special treats to their winter stores. Once all his work is done, he gathers small twigs for his favorite winter pastime, winter whittling. Come Spring his creations are coveted by all. They come from far and wide to Spring Fling in hopes of returning home with a treasure from Charlie!

Autumn, oh sweet Autumn! So happy to see you! I am so fond of this time of year. the colors, the crisp air and pumpkin baked goods. YUM! Once again it's polymer clay, assisted and inspired by the wee folk who are constant companions of mine, lucky me!

Cheers, Cyn


  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Cyn, I love how you create little worlds in such small spaces! And I always wondered how the leaves changed their colors!!! Beth

  2. There you go again Cyn! Creating the most amazing little things out of polymer. simply amazing.....

  3. Beth, happy to solve the mystery for you!! Then there's the whole snowflake thing......

  4. Anonymous7:14 AM

    What a great story! Sounds like something I should have heard as a child before I went to bed. (Maybe that would have helped my fantasy world!) And amazing little things in polymer! Nice, Cyn!