Friday, September 06, 2013


Hello Ladies
I think that life influenced my project this month for sure!  I wanted to try working with paper cement clay which has a very heavy texture that I like.  I created a cloud with a little pocket for the hand carved bone moon to rest in.  I love the face on this moon because it is so peaceful…..serenity is so important in my life right now.  More on the paper cement.  It has this beautiful grey and white bulk to it.  Originally I tried to paint it thinking I would layer on the colors to create what already existed but in a more refined way.  I started on the back – thank goodness – because I HATED the fact that the paint literally covered up the texture!  I decided that the colors were perfect but needed just a little bit of mica powder to add a shimmer.  I used a touch of lacquer to make sure it adhered which darkened my cloud just a little.  Given our weather this week it seemed appropriate for it to be a storm cloud.  I truly love thunder and lightning storms.  Paradoxically, I hate rain!  I can handle short lived torrential down pours but hate the drizzle and general grey days of rain we experience.  HOWEVER, I do so love the greenery it produces and the sound of running water in rivers and streams.

For the background I used one of the beautiful papers that Peg sent me and added sparkling gold star brads to finish off my night sky with full moon!  As so often the moon is seen between clouds here I think it is appropriate to have it partially covered.

Many blessings!!

Lynn Vernon


  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Lynn V love your creation...I too enjoy the thunder and lighting and have had it for the last 2 days! So much energy, wow. The moon face is great and i have some in my stash and hold onto them thinking what to do with them and you have set me thinking! Hugs, M

  2. Really like this piece! Yep goes perfect with the weather!

  3. I learned a new word today PLUVIOPHILE, a lover of rain,someone
    who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.
    I love rainy days and feel energized and that is how your little altar for August makes me feel.

  4. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Love your moon and cloud combo-just like outside my window!! I have some of that paper clay and have wanted to get going with it and now I think I shall, thanks for the inspiration...Beth

  5. Thanks all! Pluviophile...that's a big word! We certainly had way more rain than normal in September. My wine country tour in Oregon this past weekend felt like a tornado of rain....