Friday, September 27, 2013

September Full Moon #7

I had a great time this month designing and stitching my project. I chose sunflowers because it is the flower that
signifies Fall to me.  And sunflowers come in such a variety of colors!

I stitched Spider Webs  because they are a motif that is included on most Victorian Crazy Quilts.  Spiders and spider
webs are also plentiful in the Fall garden. I love gardening and stitching Crazy Quilt Blocks, so this was a natural theme
for this Little Alters project. I really enjoyed stitching while watching TV BUT my cats didn't like it all, my lap was not
available for cat naps. LOL!

I am excited to get this small 'field of Sunflowers' posted to Kathy today!

Lynn H


  1. Beautiful colors and motif! Great Job!

  2. Wonderful!! Sunflowers perfect!! Those cats of yours aren't spoiled, are they??