Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September Full Moon #2

I have always enjoyed the organic nature of plants and animals.  The unique patterns, textures and shapes that they have are of particular interest.  My September installation started with a pod.  I made a mold of the pod and then I mixed up very fine cement and poured it into the mold.  While the cement was curing I started searching through my papers for something that said “use me please”!  Found some beautiful muted gray paper with flocked black circles and I adored it!  I cut a piece of mat black paper to the size of the space.  I wanted dimension as well.  Hmmmm, what to use to add volume without weight.  No popsicle sticks or balsa wood in sight.  HA – wooden chopsticks!!!  Hot glued a broken piece to the black paper and then hot glued my beautiful grey and black paper to that.  The color scheme was chosen!

Being a metalsmith who has had no time at the bench all summer except for these projects, it had to have a piece of metal!  I folded copper mesh sheet into an accordion and hot glued that down. 

Once the cement pod was cured I used two different types of paint to give it the colors I wanted so it would match the overall color scheme of the space.  I used Golden fluid acrylics in Iridescent Stainless Steel which is a coarse paint and for highlighting the ridges I used the same brand in Bone Black.   Once the paint was dry I glued on three iridescent half drilled peacock pearls.  I love how the round pearls carry forward the black flocked dots.  Last, but not least, I hot glued the cement pod to the copper.

I love how dimensional it is.  I wish the pictures could show how the paint on the cement pod glistens from different angles.

I actually think that I would love to make this type of project again on a larger scale and frame it as art!  =)

Lynn H – I hope enjoy your altar installation!!!

Warm Regards Ladies!!!

Lynn V

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