Saturday, January 18, 2014

January Full MOON #5

This has been one of the most wonderful experiences I've ever, ever done; creating art, monthly for the calendar.  Thank you Peg for the invitation; it's been a challenge for sure, to not only make art for the assigned box, but also learning and using photo shop along the way while putting my best words forwards. Thank you!  

 For this final month, I took a piece of dark green leather from the local craft store and cute paper from a mailing of Peg's and chose them as my background and backside signature page. I then chose a piece from my glass fusing class from this past year and incased it inside a copper wire basket to hold the white, red & dicro glass fused piece.

Thinking of the space, I wanted to pay homage to the project and use a copper framed piece I could add the verbiage "Little Alters" to, and then coat with ice resin to complete my title. There are several products on the market for resin. Pretty cool!

I attached my piece with copper head pins and coiled the ends and tucked them flat.  I used several more copper head pins with seed beads to give it some height. Finally, I added the background paper with a little glue.

My little alters is heading towards Lynn Vernon.

Happy New Year to you all,

lazy K


  1. Anonymous8:06 PM

    I really like how you made the wire basket to cradle your glass piece, it looks like a brooch! I've wanted to try the Ice resin but haven't gotten to it yet- but now I can pick your brain about it. I think I'll make a little sign for my Altars too! Hugs, Beth

  2. Kimberly you are a wonder with wire!!

  3. LUCKY ME!!! I absolutely love this surprise. THANK YOU AGAIN!