Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Moon #2 January 2014 FINSHED

Wrapping up the "Little Altars Project"
 New Moons signify a new beginning, time to start new projects, move forward like the seedling and bulbs stirring in our gardens. Unseen energy starting mother natures clock of gestation. A period of time in the dark growing and changing before emerging into the world to blossom and grow.

 I find it very fitting to have the pleasure of this second new moon to begin new projects after seeing many little Altars last Sunday at Lynn Vernon's welcoming home. Thank you so much Lynn

 We gathered those who were able, for a day of sharing, making art and sharing stories of the journey of the last year. A wonderful buffet of tasty tidbits greeted us with every accouterments coffee or tea has to offer. We started right away playing with acrylic paint and gelli plates creating sheet after sheet of glorious color on paper to be creative with another day.
 Lunch was then served white bean chicken chili with all the fixings. I got another wild hair and baked ginger cream fortune cookies. Ever try shoving tiny rolled up parchment paper in gooey cookie dough!?!?!?! and every one got  to chose four to  see what the next 30 days have to offer. That was great fun.

Then Drum roll please we spend time checking out each completed Little Altar Project

It was so fun to see the assembled Altars and admire the work in detail. Photos are a fun way to share but they do not capture all the tiny details that each artist created each month.
 Kimberly's pieces had such delicate wire work and vibrant color in her fused glass. The wire work could have been woven by spiders.
Nancy's delicate color choices and gentle nuances were breathtaking in person.
 Lynn Vernon's challenge for her self was working in unknown materials and her mastery of metal smithing was sublime.
 Cyn's creation of gnome homes was a spectacular year's journey into a village I would like to move into. Each tiny detail precise and playful at the same time
.Lou brought her always whimsical felt creations to a new place. She designs wonderful handbags and it was such a pleasure to see what direction she who take each Full Moon
 Marilynn who also works in fabric as well as created the most delightful glass beads brought a joyful piece each and every month. they all feel and express the celebration of life and joy in pure and glorious color.  Beth  joined in the fun with her delightful collage skills and combined color,found objects and words in an inspiring way to each artist.
Gwen brought us a new dimension of drawn art, wee creatures that want to jump off the altar spaces and play. I wanted them all.
  Kathy's work brought with them the winds of travel and the exotic delights of cultures from around the world. She set her sights high and created the most amazing things each month, the detail was incredible as I  finally got to see some of them in person last week.
 Lynn Hranac's work was delightful in many different mediums and included her collections from beach glass to zen-tangles rounding out with bead embroidery and felting.

 This was a challenging year for many of us and I heard over and over  how delightful it was to know a small package was coming in the mail. Something to look forward to each and every month. I have to say that is one of the reasons I started this project I love to open my mail box and find little treasures an unexpected card, postcards, a message from a friend...thinking of you.
So  now we are at the end and all of us own a Little Altars box to  display. Remember when life makes you weary go there and feel the fun and imagination from 10 women who created their hearts out for each other in 2013
 Blessings of Art



  1. Anonymous6:08 PM

    It was so fun too see the altars side by side! You could really see the personalization for each person and it was amazing to me how well in each Altar the different pieces meshed to make a very pleasing whole! I shall miss being involved in this project... Hugs, Beth

  2. Thank you so much for hosting this exchange. Such a wonderful exploration in our own art and in seeing others develop. Truly magical and worth every moment and the rollercoaster of emotions that went with it.