Saturday, January 18, 2014

January Full MOON #6

Hello Ladies,

Having two spots this month presented me with a challenge because I wanted them to be different!!!!  As you all know, I have used this opportunity to try new mediums as well so wanted to end with at least one new skill at the end of the Altar Project.

I am very focused on my current need for a vacation in the sun!  This led me to the top spot which starts with a photograph of the amazing blue waters inside of a cave in Italy on the Island of Capri.  The water is so starkly beautiful and amazing given the limited light inside of the caves.  I have a stash of vintage jewelry parts and pieces and one of them is an adorable sterling silver fish that at one time was a brooch.  Now it swims amongst the plants and waters on the Island of Capri!  It’s whimsical and light hearted.

I have been very interested in using concrete in jewelry so I decided this was the month!  I chose sterling silver.  I corrugated the metal and used that as the bezel creating a shape that was pleasing to me  I wanted a textured and smooth finish so it has a brushed satin texture overall and the high points were brought to a high shine.  Life has both smooth and rough roads and this piece was going to have the same.  The concrete is usually a gray color but I wanted to add my own bit of sparkle so I incorporated opalescent pigments to the concrete in a purple tone to match the synthetic lab created dark amethyst.  The combination of concrete and a gemstone are so intriguing to me!  Hard and soft combined.  For the background I chose a photo of bougainvillea that I took in Amalfi, Italy.  The lighting doesn’t show the true colors of the pendant I think it is much prettier in person and hope you both agree.

Both pieces are rooted in the colors of summer which I long for right now.

Nancy, I hope you like your installations and am excited to present them to you in person on Sunday!  You will need to tape or glue your backgrounds down and tape or glue your little plant with swimming fish too.  The pendant can sit inside it’s spot until you are ready to wear it or gift it to someone, whatever you choose to do.

Many blessings ladies,



  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I really like the hard and soft of your pendant! How did you get the wavy edge? Can you change the color of the concrete? Can't wait to see it in person! Hugs, Beth

  2. Wonderful and creative as always Lynn! BRAVO!

  3. Hi there, Back from vaca with answers. I used a metal corrugator to add the waves to the metal. Yes, the concrete color can be changed to a certain extent with dry pigments. Lots of options for embedding things too. =)