Sunday, January 19, 2014

January Full Moon # 8

Hello dear readers and fellow artists!

For the final full moon exchange I had myself.  Every time I looked at the two spaces all I could see was a little creature sitting & gazing at the stars or swinging or doing something, but always sitting between the two spaces as though it was one complete space.  So as I've learned, rather than fight the visions that you're seeing, trust them and go with them.

I've learned the best place to start, if your piece will involve sculpting, is to begin with the sculpture itself. The rest of the details will take care of themselves once the sculpture is done.

So I found the color liked. Blue seemed to suit the thoughtful posing I saw the character in. I curled his toes and helped him sit gently on the ledge.  The drippiness of this particular clay lent to him naturally turning his head as though he were listening to something. 

I tried out a few backgrounds to see how I'd like them. Then I sat back in my chair across the room to see what that gave as an effect to the whole tray as well as just that little area where he would be.  Unfortunately this first set of the backgrounds just didn't quite do the trick.

But he needed a little something more... He just felt so bare.  And he was beginning to feel more like he was part of the stars,  like a little being that had come down from the stars. So I gave him a crown of stars made from some star shaped sequins.

After basking in the warm glow of the oven I gave him a little paint. I thought having a background with lines as well as stars would be fun, having lines looking more like astrological symbols and charts. So I used up a piece that I had already folded into a box (marked with sharp lines) and fit it into the new spot's shape. The background is actually made from colored pencil and is very similar to the one I made for the pink moon several moon exchanges back.

Meet my star being.  He watches over and listens.  He is ready to offer any advice you might need. He encourages us to gaze upon the stars and listen for the answer.

Thank you all for a lovely experience. I have learned a great deal and enjoy getting artwork from each and everyone of you.  I feel like I've made large strides as an artist. It's because of the project that I feel confident in my sculpting skills again. Thank you Peg!! 


  1. He is adorable!! And the crown of stars are the perfect touch! he knows something....just isn't quite ready to tell the secret! But when he does...oh the fun that will begin!!

  2. I do so love your little creature creations! Great colors and expressions. THANK YOU FOR MY PENGUIN!