Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FINAL FINISH April Seed Moon

Well I did my first "social living" deal through Amazon; it was for a fusing glass class in Lake City from a company called Glassique. Got lucky to have a table all by myself with only stain-glass students attending as well. I was hoping to get some better insight on how to use my kiln for fusing, but it was done off site.  Any hoo, got some nice pieces after two weeks.

I wanted to make a copper box to house the glass fused piece(s) I had made at the fusing class. Adding shutters, I was inspired to make Lou Hearnesberger initials as the focal point.  This brought me to the pretty lace to cover the inside with, giving the surprise when you opened. it.  Since I hadn't received my pieces from class yet and with time a ticking I made an executive decision.  I chose a piece I made at Peg's house many years ago.  We had a challenge to take PMC paper and incorporate into a glass fused piece that we made at Peg's studio.  Mine was taking the PMC paper and slicing it into strips then weaving it and finally taking a heart cutter to get the weaved heart shape. This would be the perfect piece to complete my Little Alters Seed Moon project.

Then, what a nice surprise to receive seed packets; the next list for Little Alters and a special note from Peg in the mail. Our April Seed Moon was upon us.  I started the seeds in small pockets of soil and in a matter of days the little darlings poked their heads up.  The radishes and Sunflowers are doing quite well!  Looking forward to the kale seeds I just started the other day.

Best regards,
Kimberly Kostal


  1. How creative and beautiful! Great job. I love it!

  2. Pee a boo! Wish I had a tiny house with these windows inside. I remember the day you created that woven heart. I thought you were very brave and bold. It really paid off!