Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Here is my picture for Kimberly's piece.  I enjoy making wearable art, and I seem to be on a pin thing!  You know, useful art; something that does not just sit on a shelf collecting dust, but can be used.  Many times they speak to me while I am making them, and this one did.  It is called Moon Dancer.  Made with a glass schard, wire and some of my beads.  I take the glass schard and paint it with permanent paint, inks and such.  Hope she make you smile Kimberly!

Blessings, Marilynn

Hi Peg,

Attached files above are from the Little Alters project I received from Marilyn Dondero-Rich.

Received my package from Marilyn DR and it was so cutely decorated with an Owl stamp &  flowers from shinny pens!  The festively decorated package added to the excitement.  Once opened I held a cute little box with the precious piece inside.  And then, oh my, what a beautiful Goddess of the Moon painted on frosted blue glass with delicate little beads hanging from it.  It's a pin nestled on decorated backing that has the artist's signature on it.  Way cool, I just love it as my newest addition to my Little Alters Box.


  1. I love the colors you included. Moon Dancer is so adorable and wearable. Great job!!!

  2. I love this Goddess, the colors, form and primitive feel. If you decide you no longer want her Just call me up!!!