Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hi Peg, Here’s my May installment.

Once again, my own collected and unfinished treasures provided the inspiration for this month’s Little Altars spot.  Since I was making the spot “for myself” meaning my exchange this month was with me, myself, and I, this was an interesting and sort of indulgent endeavor.  Some sort of serendipitous spell came over me as I wondered around my little places of projects and treasures, and I pretty quickly came up with something that I thought I’d really like.  Nice when there are very few false starts, and that’s what happened this time. 

I’m an elephant fan, so the opportunity to use an elephant bead that I’d probably never put on a piece of jewelry was a plus.  And the flat beaded disk has been teasing me to do something with it ever since I made it.  Of course it was supposed to be part of a larger project, but now it’s in a perfectly happy place, pretending to be a water place for the elephant.  Both now live on top of my currently favorite play materials: watercolor paper, watercolors and gouache.

It is with great excitement that I present this month’s Little Altar installation.  Having read that Beth, the receiver of my little creation, is a Landscape Designer and Gardener with a love for nature I began contemplating what new skill I could acquire while making her something she would appreciate.  Then it came to me in a flash!  This past year I participated in a collaborative jewelry exhibition as part of the International Glass Bead show.  127 Artists from around the world submitted their designs to a juried set of judges.  The judges selected 40 glass artists work.  Then 40 metalsmiths were invited to create 3 pieces with the beads they received.  One for the Glass Bead artist, one for the Gallery to sell, and one to keep.  I was partnered with an amazing artist whose name is Leslie Kaplan.  Why, you might ask is this important???  Well, Leslie is a professional Landscape Designer!!!!!  Her second or equal love is glass and she creates amazing pieces she sells through her company Rush Creek Glass.  On her website you can see that she creates amazing glass works and stunning gardens!  Check it out here:  http://rushcreekglass.com.    I also happened to have one of her Limited Edition, glass flower cabochons that still needed to be set!!!!  Hence, an opportunity was born and Beth is the new owner of a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.  It seems to me that this month’s altar is a match made in heaven and I sure hope Beth likes jewelry! 

Because the flower is so beautiful all on its own I created a very simple setting for it that showcases it, not the setting.  I used a floral motif to roll print the 24G sterling silver and soldered the first section together.  Because the flower is glass it had to be set in place via a cold connection and the only thing safe enough was epoxy.  It is slightly larger than the space so I created a little back drop with beautiful purple ribbon to be glued down and provided a hook that can be glued to the roof of the space to hang the pendant from when not being worn.  I would cut the screws off the hook and glue to the front of the frame but you can choose to do what you would like.

The pictures do not do the colors of the glass justice as the opalescence of some don’t reflect well in photos.  Chain shown only for pictures and is not included.

So, while I didn’t learn a new skill, I sure hope I made the right decision!

Warm Regards and many blessings to all,



  1. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I have the beautiful flower bead hanging from it's special place and am thrilled that I can wear it too-a twofer!!Thanks Lynn-Hugs, Beth

  2. You are welcome....I'm glad you like it!

  3. This look feels very french to me and reminds me of can can dancers whirling away.
    Well done Lynn

  4. Thank you my dear Peg!