Thursday, May 16, 2013

Seed Moon #9

This moon cycle was a difficult period for many. Spring  and Winter battling it out in the weather scene. Then POW Summer shows up and the temps soared and my garden went into hyperdrive. You really needed to keep almost an hourly watch to see the delicate blossoms emerge. If you didn't  the 89 degree weather caused them to unfurl bloom then shrivel up and drop. At one point it looked like it was snowing in full sunshine. The dogwood flowers and the cottonwood fell gently from the sky. Achoooooooo

Any way here are photos from Lynn Hranac for my printer's box   A sweet needle felted piece of sun flowers and spring. 
All created while caring for several of the many people in Lynn's life who required extra attention the last 2 moon cycles. 

Peek a boo! Ready or not it's time to garden!!!

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