Wednesday, July 31, 2013



My inspiration began in my garden gazing at the trees.  I was struck by the thought of how a tiny sapling not ¼ in diameter  grows into such a large tree now 9 inches around.
 I began to picture the tree made up of many saplings bundled together.. So I began with copper wire and copper covered colored wire and began to weave, on the way to becoming a tree that should fit into one of the long skinny spots we used this month I got the feel and rhythm of Africa. I had several found and created objects I was going to add to create my version of the Baobab Tree. One was a piece of my fused glass that I had beaded around that symbolized the setting sun and the other a double elephant bead I added at the bottom to show the size of the tree.
 But as many of my projects do they morphed into a different idea.
 The piece I was going to use for the sun became the Summer Queen’s head the woven tree her body and the elephants under her protection.
 I had a great time torching the ends of the wires that I used as branches and roots and got some great color in the entire piece.

The slimmer section I added a shade lighter sky blue embossed paper and added from my stash 3 glass leaves to enhance and add to my tree theme. They reminded me of the giant leaves you would always see in Tarzan movies as the natives used them to fan or crawl under to cool off from the hot African sun.
 Can you hear the drums throbbing in the distance waiting for the twilight and the dancing to begin????



  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Your wire work is always so amazing. Your use of different items and putting it all together to make a beautiful story; I love it!! Hugs, M

  2. This is just magical! I saw it at the start, but not the end. Even better than I could have ever dreamed.