Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hi Peg,
I hope this finds you well!

This month the Altar project was for myself and as you know the spaces in my box are long and narrow.  I decided I wanted to experiment with Viking Knit.  I created my own mandrels with different sizes and numbers of holes.  I then worked with both colored and sterling silver wire.  I worked through several variations of the Viking Knit process and transitioned some of my samples through all three in one piece, single, double, and triple.  I also used various gauges of wire.  I found the process VERY relaxing and enjoy doing it while I sit with my husband watching TV.  

Many months ago my son-in-law asked me to make him a Mjolnir and I wanted a handmade chain to go with it.  I am carving the Mjolnir out of wax and will have it cast for his 29th birthday next month so figuring out the right size for the bail was important to know before carving since the chain will be an integral part. 

I’m very pleased with my Viking knit skills!  Tried once before years ago but had a mental block.  I think I’m over it now!  =)

Many blessings to you my dear!

 Lynn Vernon


  1. Lynn Love your adventurous spirit and the way you have jumped into different materials and projects each and every Full Moon. I think at the end of this project we need to have a giant HOWL-L-L-L-L-L-L IN at the full moon.
    Thanks for your support and joy at being alive.

  2. After such crazy months I am not getting to the point where I can catch up a little. Thank you for your kind words. I really did want to use this project to try new things. Mixing it up with some of what I know has helped keep me grounded. I need a good HOWLLLLL about now!