Sunday, July 28, 2013


July Altar Project
The Bag of Possibilities!

We are enjoying a glorious summer!  Home from our trip, working in the yard, enjoying company and soon to be off to work the Bellevue Art Fair with my good friend, Maggie Meister.  If you are like me, I think of great ideas for projects when I am involved with other projects (like weeding the yard), but when it comes time to sit and create I come up dry.  And I seem to say to myself…I’ll do that tomorrow…and then other things get in the way and I don’t seem to make the time to sit and create or play with ideas.

So I decided for this month’s little project I would try to do something to help me focus and yet be motivated to do something!

I was intrigued several years ago by the “inchies” that Peg talked about.  So I made little fold over almost inch size cards and started a list of ideas and things to do.  Initially I will have 52 – one for each week – but I expect the group to grow.

I hand stitched a draw string bag (no sewing machine readily available) and then glued it in place over the two “F” sections.  Inside the bag is a place for the “inchie” ideas to be done and the other side is a place to put the things that I have done.  So hopefully this will inspire, motivate and goad me into doing something different each week!  The first one …was play with paper clay…– which I did in creating my little Tic –Tac – Bee game for Lynn for the June project which also just got finished.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done with their 2 “F” spaces!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer- it is going by too fast!



  1. So creative and love the fabric.

  2. Love the idea and the motivation factor. It seems sometimes you have to kick inspiration in the butt and not wait for it to slither in. And it always is when you are busy with a mindless task some of your best ideas show up!! Glad to have you back.

  3. What a great idea! Then, all your great ideas will be co-located. Artists block is not fun. I didn't think you experienced that with as much as you do and creative as you are. How reassuring to know that when you sit to do your art too that you sometimes come up dry. I thought I was the only one. Ha. Silly, silly me. But really - do you know how many hours I've sat in front of a blank piece of paper just willing something to come out of my pen/pencil? I make many to do lists, maybe I should try something like your bag. And I do love the "to do" vs. "done". Nothing more satisfying than marking something done, eh?