Sunday, July 28, 2013


Have you heard the news? The forest is all a twitter with excitement! Down past Wise Old Oak, over Giggling Creek through Clover Meadow just a hop, skip and a jump to a patch of toadstools right there on  your left is 28 Lindsay Brown! A delightful Faery Couture shop is about to open it's doors!! All the faeries have been so anxious for the lottery drawing to see if they will be the lucky one to receive the very first appointment with the proprietress and grand seamstress, Miss Lynn. Who will be the lucky one? It truly is a grand day in the wee forest!!

I have to say I had so much fun with this month's altar for Lynn H. And was delighted that it was the 2 tall narrow spots perfect for a wee shop and Faery home right next door. In the tree 2 bluebirds of course! We all know what wonderful bows they can tie. Oliver Owl is the ever faithful nightwatchman. Made out of polymer clay and a wee bit of whimsy.



  1. As always, so adorable and creative.

  2. Anonymous11:11 AM

    These are too much fun, makes me smile big time! Hugs, M

  3. Oh My Dear you have outdone your self. I could hear the wee ones laughing with joy and delight at the new digs. I hope Lynn H is prepared for all the new fae that will be roaming around her house now. And that she is prepared for giggles,tricks and tiny sparkles appearing out of ................................

  4. Super cute! I love the fairy tale and the little creatures to match. What a fun set!!!!

  5. Thanks all! This one was great fun and has taken me down the path to more wee dwellings and scenes. So happy to have rekindled my fun with polymer clay! The Wee Folk are ever present and never short of ideas and inspiration!