Monday, August 26, 2013

August FULL MOON #3

 As August comes to an end it brings us the Corn Moon, the Blue Moon. Of course the song, "blue Moon" has been in my head constantly. fondly, or not so fondly known as an "ear worm". Had to include the old guy in this Monty's altar for Lou. Again polymer clay, I did use a mold for the moon and dusted him with blue and silver pearl powder before baking. The rest I also created with polymer clay and a bit of imagination. Elmer, the gnome stands out in his field admiring this year's crop, hoping for a love of his own.....

"Blue Moon
You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own.....
Blue moon....."



  1. Oh Elmer, sing to the blue moon. Cyn he's adorable. I love the whole scene. Such great punkins. Blue moooooooooonnnnnn....

  2. Anonymous9:07 AM

    I like this a lot, too! Nancy

  3. The wee folk seem to have taken up residence here with me, while they don't play rent so to speak they do entertain and provide much if they would just quit hiding things! Cyn

  4. You are the QUEEN OF Polymer!!!! Your sculpting skills always amaze me. Great job

  5. Anonymous10:53 AM

    this is too fun, and yes, makes me smile. I have a house ghost that rearranges things so I cannot find them! Also Spot the Cat that carries off small projects of mine, yes some of my alter pieces and then I find them in other rooms! Your work with polymer is wonderful! hugs, M

  6. Thanks all for your kind words! Much appreciated!

  7. Loving the wee ones and your story told in clay. Each spot is so unique and whispers secrets and stories for anyone who sits still enough to listen.

  8. Peg, you are so right! Once I stopped and took the time to listen there they were! Though once you open the wee door they make themselves right at home.....and don't pay rent! LOL! My Muse has never been so entertained!! Warning, it's best to leave gifts and treats for them or the little imps will choose their own gifts and you'll find your keys about the time you're 30 minutes late for the appt you had! Cheers, Cyn