Monday, August 26, 2013


Hi Peg,

Here my Little Alter project for August. This little guy is going to Cyn.

I thought I'd honor our owl friends with this tiny picture. I hear the owls that live in my area nearly every's such a wonderful sound!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, creative on to September!



  1. Whooo! Whooo! Or maybe I should say like the Geico owl guy - who? who? So cute Lou!

  2. Lou! I just love, love , love my wee owl! I plan on putting a bar pin on the back so that he can take flight on occasion while not roosting in his spot of honor in my shadow box! HOOT! HOOT! Cyn

  3. SO are very talented. I have Hoot owls in my woods and I love to hear their "who who who" at night when I read.

  4. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I LOVE owls and have a friend that makes or gives me great little owls. And yes, love the Geico owls commercial, makes me laugh every time. This felt owl is precious and love it, wonderful art piece. Yes, I would wear it also! Hugs, M

  5. Whooooooooooooo is the felt queen??????? LOU that's WHOOOOOO