Wednesday, August 28, 2013



Playful altar in August.
 This month was a struggle and when at last I just decided to muck about and Maxie the fashion Robot was born.
 Several summers ago I was madly pouring resin into all kinds of molds to see what worked and what didn't. This robot was created in a ice cube tray of robots and keys. It  turned out beautifully and I have carried her around from studio to studio as I have several different locations when I work. I decided to add several washes of color one day when working on another project and I loved the purple shadows created by the paint.

Fast forward to 2013 here is my inspiration. After a bit of rooting around I saw a smaller piece I had cast of a flower shape in black which I added metal foil flakes and ta da a hat was born.
 I drilled a hole in the flower center and wired the piece together with copper wire added a jaunty scarf and there she was.. But now how to put her into the space required for August???? Think Think Think.
 I hinged together 2 small canvases to create a traveling tool box, which no traveling and well prepared robot would be without.  
 Since I was twisting the robot image out of it's traditional role I decided to take it one step further.
instead of carting tools in her tool box,  all good lady robots need a change of wardrobe now and then. 
So I decided to create more hats.
Now you will find inside her tool box are 2 tiny hats created with  cake decorating tip,crystals,watch gears,beads & more
One is called "Watch out for the redhead" and the other "Tasseled up". 
 I created background papers with alcohol inks for the inside of the tool box. As well used the inks to color the decorating tips I used for the new hat bases
I mounted the new hats in place with apoxy clay and added a slap dash of paint.  and Ta- Da Bob's my uncle

Rock on Maxie!!    I hope she brings a bit of a giggle and memories of childhood toys to Kimberly

 Cheers Peg


  1. Sweet Maxie! Luv her exchangeable hats and using the canvases to frame & adorn; way cool!

  2. Oh the things I didn't know about lady robots!! Maxie is quite the gal!! And such a fun, playful addition!! BRAVO! Cyn

  3. I LOVE the colors, her name, and the fact that she was an ice mold! How clever. As always, the depth of your skills in so many mediums inspires me.

  4. Anonymous10:35 AM

    This truly made me smile and want to see in person dear Maxie! Hugs, Marilynn