Tuesday, October 01, 2013

September Full Moon #8 - Gwen Gyldenege's Dried Up Paint Bits

This month, I send to Nancy. I hope you like these wee little guys!

In my last 2 posts, What Can You Do with a Zip Fizz Tube? and Creating Art from Acryllic Paint that Dried in Your Pallet, you know that I poured out a bunch of fresh and expensive paint, then promptly forgot it and wasted all that colored goodness. In an effort to recover what was lost, I created art for the September Full Moon alter space for the Little Alters exchange project

I started with the dried up bits in the pallet you see below and went to my sketch book.  As I was pouring over a lovely strawberry balsalmic martini, I worked with opposites {Dried:Fluid, Useless:Purposeful, etc.} as a way to show that what was deemed trash could actually be discovered to be fun and playful.  

My vision (sketched below) is that out from the pallet where you see the paint actually stuck to the plastic, there's this Mary Poppins Carpet Bag like space where something pops out of nothing.  The paint boys would pop up wearing the dried up paint as hats or even as bum covers if they fell into the paint and got stuck there until the Artist left the studio. 
Images copyright (c) 2013 Gwen Gyldenege. All Rights Reserved.

I sculpted the guys in 2-part epoxy, then decided to cover the shortened zip fizz tubes with a thin layer of epoxy too so I could paint them.  Then, I attached their dried-up paint hats exactly as I found the paint.  Last, I covered these guys in more than 10 layers of paint, mostly Michael deMeng style but totally focused on matching the paint color of their hat. While they are all a bit redder than I'd choose, their hats were the best dried up bits that resembled a hat. 
Images copyright (c) 2013 Gwen Gyldenege. All Rights Reserved.
Paint boys, Left Over, Forgotten, and Dried Up, I love you guys!

Images copyright (c) 2013 Gwen Gyldenege. All Rights Reserved.
More of Gwen Gyldenege's work may be found at  http://www.calmundertension.com and http://shesethegoldenegg.com


  1. They are so darn cute!

  2. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Yay, Gwen! Thank you for these little critters! They are darn cute, and I love the story behind them. They're waving at ME now! Nancy