Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October Full Moon #2

The “October Moon” project travels to Beth tonight for her "I" box. My muse this month was my husband Karl.  He bought me this wonderful "Dia de los muertos" book about the Mexican holiday - Day of the dead.

I was inspired to create sugar skull molds and decorate them with color and pizzazz!  Added Meringue powder to the sugar & slowly added a little water so it never got muddy or lumpy; more like wet sand. They were harder than snot the next day; I was impressed.

A big batch of white frosting was in order.  My pastry chef niece tells me to start with an egg white and slowly beat in powdered sugar. Split my frosting into several ramekins and added different colors to each.  I then needed to figure out a small holder for piping onto the sugar molds
Okay, I used wax paper; my niece says "no, use parchment", folded into a cone with a small tip!  Hah! Not so easy my friend; spent most of my time trying to figure that part out.  I then collected several items to implant on my sugar molds.  Love; love the Cake Lady on Roosevelt St in Seattle - Maple Leaf District.  I got lots of goodies, including sugar flowers, sprinkles & ribbon.  Love the orange leaf design for fall!

Celebrate with me this October, of our loved ones and friends who have passed and moved onto the next phase of existence.

Next is to create an ofrendas for my trick or treaters to see!

Be safe and have a piece of candy!   


  1. WOW - super creative and love the skull! So pretty too. What a nice husband as well. Thoughtful gift!!!!

  2. Talk about a fiesta of fun!!!
    Cheers, Cyn

  3. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Man, I've got to see these! So, are they edible? Do they last forever? Looks like that was fun :)! Nancy

  4. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Yes, fun and edible. MIght break your teeth cause they are hard and will store for a long time. The molds and meringue powder I got at "LaTienda" store in Ballard. They have a great selection of Dias de los muretos figures for inspiration too!