Monday, October 28, 2013

October Full Moon #7

My inspiration is for my favorite event Halloween! It's not just Halloween that I's everything about Fall. The past few years we've been seeing relatively dry crisp days and nights. When the wind blows and the leaves fall it's magical. The dry leaves make a wonderful crackling sound when they fall en mass and when walked on. Cars send dry leaves spinning up and around only to settle back down onto the road again. It's a sight to behold.

 The jack-o-lantern is traditionally a major icon for All Hallows Eve so I decided to make one from wool felt with a cotton fabric background. I wanted to make the pumpkin look as if it were glowing in the night with the cotton fabric. I hope it worked!

Just another word about Halloween which you probably already know is that October 31, and the days before that date, is when the veil between parallel realities/other dimensions is the thinnest so don't be surprised if you see things you may have never seen before or hear things you've never heard before happen! This whole month is awesome, and filled with possibilities!

Lou's camera pasted away this month
may it RIP. Photos of her work coming soon..Peg


  1. So super cute and dimensional. Didn't know that about the veils until this past week and hearing it twice in two days means that maybe this is my year! =) Many blessings for a beautiful fall. Great work as always.