Sunday, October 27, 2013

October Full Moon #5

October is my favorite month of the year. I love the fiery colors of the changing leaves and Halloween is my all time favorite holiday of the year.
Several years ago I spend many months exploring mold making and made mold of anything I could lay my hands on that would hold still for at least 5 minutes. I happened upon some old party picks that were used for the cupcakes of my childhood. A cat arched in perfect Halloween pose  against the full moon.
 I created 2 fine silver pieces and used different methods of attachments one adding a tab with a hole and the other embedding wire. I also added tiny ruby eyes to one. These pieces were used to demo different patina effects including nail polish. They were survivors of many different techniques in my many classes.
 As I was searching for inspiration for the October Full Moon I ran across them. My goal was to create a piece that could pose in its space in the printer’s drawer but then be unhooked and be worn.
I tried many, many, many different ideas to no avail until I decided I had to make 2 separate things.
 In all of the travels the cats had survived the wire embedded had snapped off at the point of insertion and I had tossed it into the scrap pile. The other began its journey as a spooky/sparkly Halloween necklace. I completed the necklace and discovered it would not behave and fit into the spot.
 I had created a background of ink washes on a silver metallic paper to resemble a moonlit night sky.
Then I wove a wee bare tree with 34 gauge wire and copper limbs. That was like weaving with hair strands(whew). I die cut a wrought iron fence and attached everything with gel medium. I rescued the second cat from the scrap pile and added the patina for the moon from my crazy color collection of nail varnishes, doing both cat pieces at once so they resembled each other.( Interesting to note there is a layer of bright poison green enhancing the golden moon)
All was attached with the gel medium and I added tiny stars of glitter to the sky. The necklace was created on two silk cords navy and deep green , one which I added 4 beads, 2 black and white and 2 green rhinestone with large holes. And of course you need to know why the cat was howling at the moon it was the singing caballeros with tiny bats circling above.



  1. OMG - LOVE IT....the necklace and everything. But, the cat arching it's back with that beautiful background is just inspiring. Beautiful.

  2. I'm in LOVE! IT's so colorful and spooky and crookedy and FUN! La la la la la la! Mariachi Calavera and MROW!

  3. A grand and mystical night depicted here! Fantastic!!
    Cheers, Cyn