Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October Full Moon

Welcome to my favorite time of the year,
The Full Moon of October was magnificent and we actually got to see her for a day or two then FOG.

What an October this has been, the foggiest I ever remember. But my garden is full of brilliant reds, oranges and deep scarlet leaves. The spiders have been spinning their brains out filling ever nook and cranny with webs so large I fear for my cat.
A bonus of the fog is the beautiful beaded effect the webs take on when the fog hovers overnight. it is breathtaking. And also serves as a warning so you don't run face first into one!
This has been a crazy busy month with all kinds of things happening and requiring immediate attention leaving little time to create just for the hell of it. But I am declaring a day off and hiding with my art supplies to just play.
From the Little Altar submissions it appears you all have had the same sort of autumn, running on a treadmill as fast as you can to just keep up with daily life. Please enjoy the October additions and leave a comment or  two at each entry it really livens up this project.
 We only have a few more Little Altars left. We will be taking December off and doing our final installation in January. What an ride it has been for me following the moon cycle seemed to make the year speed by but also make me savor each day knowing how quickly time passes.

Bright Moon Blessings M'dears and take some time to sneak off and play

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  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Peg, I love your picture and especially the black and white creature on the right. It all made me smile. hugs, M