Monday, October 07, 2013

September Moon #9 - Kimberly Kostal

Hello Little Alters Artists,

With the September moon upon us, I hadn't finished my project. No matter what I think I want to do, sometimes my muse isn't working. Or you could say "My Mojo was way off! Enough said about my 3-D skeletons! Help me Mr. Wizard!

Thinking about Gwen and her love for her animals, I thought a kitty would be purrrrrrfect! And her love for fiber pointed the way: so I decided to felt a Kitty for space H!

My thought was of a cat stretching low with high quarters up, looking up at a butterfly. I took 18 gauge wire to create the shape of the kitty. I love the neutral wool colors with black & gray wool fibers and soon Kitty began to take shape. Wire pieces were used for the whiskers; seed beads for the eyes; ( I sewed white lines around the beads ) and red seed beads for the little pink tongue.

I took construction cloth, painted it black and added a copper wire of loops to frame a section of the space. Next I added stemmed - top coiled pieces to give height . I wrapped a variety of seed beads on both sides of the Butterfly & attached it to the coiled piece. A Red textured paper filled the background and completed the piece. Kitty pops in under the wire shaped butterfly.

Lesson learned: not be so hard on myself. Sometimes we just need to refocus and move on.

I like Butterfly & Kitty and hope Gwen does too!.

Happy Fall,
Kimberly Kostal
Lazy K

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