Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ready for the Show

I'll see you at Best of The NorthWest 
Oct 18/19&20. Come buy and say Hello

The time has come
Said the hands to the head
To put away the jewels & tools
And sell your wares instead. 

Needles secure, pliers down
Beads back in tubes
Kiln cycled down
Tumbler at rest

Gleaming finished pieces
Checked polished & priced
Displays packed up
Lists checked twice

Now trading hats
From mole in the workshop
To ringmaster of the selling circus. 
Thanks for your support in my life as an artist!!
Peg Gyldenege 10/16/13

1 comment:

  1. REALLY loved this poem and the time I spent with you at the show. Your work was amazing and your booth warm and inviting. THANKS AGAIN for everything you do. It's pretty amazing to watch you balance two careers (cranes & ART), family, friends, yard, home, and manage to maintain a voluntary art collaboration effort over the span of a year! Whew....I think I need a nap after typing the long list of everything you do....wore me out! HAHAHA