Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Full Moon #2

January 2014 Altar Project
The Final Creation!

The year has whizzed by and it is hard to believe that this is the final piece to fit into our little altars!  To celebrate, I thought I would do something with flowers ….. but the question was what?  I had already done some felted and button flowers so it needed to be something different.  This project is going to Kimberly.

Then I got a beautiful postcard in the mail from a gallery in Bellevue and I loved the image.  It just had to be incorporated somehow.  The postcard looked like quilled paper and it was in a beautiful golden yellow color.  So the background it became!

Flowers need a vase…or a basket!  So using copper wire I made a ½ basket so it would sit flat in the space.  And with two spaces to fill I could allow the flowers to overlap and reach up into the top space.

The flowers are made with recycled paper that had a subtle texture and were similar to the color of the full moon …perfect!  So the paper was cut and then folded and the stems were made with copper wire so they would coordinate with the basket.   Voila!  A basket of flowers to celebrate our final episode!

It has been a pleasure working on this project…thank you to Peg for dreaming it up! And what fun it has been getting a package in the mail each month with something new to contemplate, celebrate and enjoy!

Thank you to all of you who have participated!!



  1. Beautiful, Kathy! I wish I could see this in person, I love the flowers. It's been great seeing all you've done this past year. Have a great stay in AZ!

  2. Love, love the basket and the flowers for my final spots in Little Alters box. Nice surprise opening the shipping box this week. It fits like a glove Kathy and is reallly quite spectacular in all it's glory at the top. Happy New Year 2014 to ya!

  3. What a wonderful way to incorporate both spaces!!

  4. LOVED this and enjoyed seeing it in person. It was looked like it was reaching for the sky.