Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Full Moon 2014

Well well well, a year has passed and many full moons have passed by. one by one and sometimes one by two spaces were filled up on the Little Altars Project. This is our final project after taking a wee break for the December holidays.
It has been so interesting to see what caught each artist's eye through out this past year. And as always life threw us all a few unexpected curves and took us down much different roads that we imagined as the year  2013 began.

It has been a very thought provoking task to come up with ideas and ways to fill each small assigned spot. I took it as a way to experiment with many different new art supplies. I love art supplies and new pencils, watercolors, glue, paper, metal, wax resin or many many unnamed supplies really get my creative juices flowing. As well as became a springboard for future endeavors.

 I also really love getting mail and sending mail so it was great to know a little something special would be showing up in my mail box every month.
I also really like the fact that we did not gather for the entire year keep each artist focused on their own world and what was inspiring them.

 In other exchange art groups I noticed that many projects often took on  a sameness after each exchange time as well as the bitching factor that often occurs in a group. I have had  my lifetime supply filled to overflowing with complaining and am doing my best to squelch that as much as possible.
Everyone  in this project did amazing things and used materials in ways I would have never thought of. I am so proud to have spent the last year with all of you and have really enjoyed seeing glimpses of your personal lives along the way.

This life is a precious thing and I am so happy to have spent this wee bit of time with you the artist and you the reader. Thank you for sharing the Little Altars Project journey with me. As I check  my blog I as so surprised and excited to see that people have checked this out from all over the world. Yahoo!!!

Also it has been  a very interesting journey to timed this with the full Moon, what an experience that has been. I dn't know about you but it seemed to me that time whizzzzed by so fast. That old Moon just keep skidding up to full so fast some months it made my head spin. Time keeping my the natural cycles certainly gave me a different perspective on how short od time a year actually is and how much I waste by not paying attention to that practice.

So with out further ado. The final chapter of the Little Altars Project.
 Thanks for reading my blog

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