Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Full Moon 2014 #1

After the big rush at Holiday time and the beginning of winter it is finally time for Hal, Karl, Charlie, Monty, and even Oliver and Calvin to gather round and spend time resting and reinvention some new ways to create the magic. Time for a bit of contemplation and seeing what the cards have to say for future projects in the gnome kingdom. “Cyndinni the Great” will be spending a bit of time in the gnome homes doing her usual January consulted the cards for each member, clean up and organize the village for the coming year. Her favorite treat is ice cold lemonade and warm chocolate cookies.
She also brings fresh new art supplies as she is always on the lookout for the freshest colors and sparkle. She will be leaving her stash in the paint department and will give painting demos just before she heads out in her caravan for the next village just over the horizon.
Ta ta for now. See you in my dreams all you delightful old sometimes wacky (but always gentlemen and ladies) gnomes.
  Tiny paint brushes created with clay and toothpicks wired ferrules and dipped in paint.
 Found the wee bottle of glitter, created the tiny Tarot bag from fabric I created and added a seed bead edging. Bag may be untied to use the cards the retied for storage. Tiny lemonade pitcher and glasses found on one of my adventures just waiting for the right place to land.
Happy ending to a happy full moon

 Cheers Peg


  1. Nice, Peg! Looking forward to seeing it in person. Thanks for putting all this together and herding all us cats for the last year! It's been fun. Ta ta to you, too. See you in a few days!

  2. Creative, fun and made me hungry for warm cookies and lemonade. Really a sweet and thoughful piece. Love it! Happy New Year 2014

  3. Loved this and the little bottles filled with sparkles waiting to sprinkle my day with pizazz! THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING

  4. Absolutely delightful to have a peek into my funny little world through another's eyes! Glitter paint a favorite for all in the Wee Woods! Mmmm lemonade and cookies! won't you all join us? Thank you so much Peg, you've made my heart sing! Cheers, Cyn