Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy January to  everyone.
 2013 has begun rather nicely for me and it’s time to get back to making Art. Last year is finished and I am one happy woman to see it in the past.

 In late December I was struck by a muse and got another “wild hair” about shared inspiration and I created the “The Little Altars” Art Project 2013 a yearlong exchange with the following  11 artists.
 Lynn Vernon, Lou Hearnesberger, Kathy Dannerbeck, Nancy Strahle,
 Kimberly Kostal, Marilynn Rich ,Gwen Gyldenege, 
Cynthia Bicker, Lynn Hranac, Beth Drobny,  and my self

 I am very inspired by the wee things that make up everyday life. I have been creating little altars from the small bits and pieces I find myself picking up as I am inspired by objects in the driveway, at the beach, in the produce aisle, color combinations  in a heap of laundry or the sun light caressing the fabric of the sofa. Creating the little altars my objects represent  the tiny glimpses of color, form, texture placement and other qualities that can be captured  to lead me on to fresh ideas in my work,

I often find myself making wee altars when I have been out in the garden and come across a dried seed pod or a feather. Gathered together and arranged in a spot that catches my eye as I am performing tasks of daily living these little altars inspire my work and thoughts.

 Also in my studio when “cleaning” and reorganizing I am often waylaid by two or three colors accidently colliding on my put away pile that send me off into the what if??...???...
…So I got to wondering how would other artists inspirations spark and invite each other to dream and play.  I have also been watching the moon and all of her phases and keeping track of myself as well as people around me. Watching and recording energy levels and moods as the moon constantly changes.  A very interesting study indeed if I do say so myself.

So you are invited to sit back and enjoy the process with us as we explore Little Altars.
 We are all starting out with a “7 gypsies  printer drawer with 13 sections. ”(Which we purchased at

 Each little Altar is due on the full moon of each month. This month January each artist is responsible for creating the home or heart spot altar. The photos are due on Saturday January 26, 2013.
Each artist starting in Feb will be creating an altar in an assigned space for a different artist the spaces are lettered A thru K.  Then these will be mailed to the assigned artist who will install then in the assigned spot.

I have worked long and hard creating a schedule so each artist and each spot are in a random order. It was several days and many sheets of paper to come up with the order that worked. But success at last!
Stay tuned for more information and photos as the project moves forward.


  1. What a lovely write up about what inspired the Altars project. I love that you're tracking moods/energy with the moons. So intriguing. Makes me want to track my own (Ooo Data Analysis, fun!).

  2. Anonymous11:31 AM

    This is Lynn Vernon:
    Honored to be part of the project. Nervous and excited at the same time to work with so many accomplished artists. Laying out the first section. Wondering if everyone is planning on hanging their box vertically or horizontally.

    Did I mention nervous????