Monday, January 28, 2013

Wolf Moon Monday

Onward and forward we go as our big old full moon begins to wane and time marches  along. Isn't it amazing  how quickly time passes when you are in the mist of creating. As well as how slowly time passes  when waiting in line?
Curious how I felt in the beginning of January I had a long month of time as now as I reflect on things as this first moon of  2013 is waning I almost feel cheated by how quickly it has passed.
 My Inspiration began in December when the colors I choose greeted me in several location. As well as pictures of the Luna Moth. Even on the internet on day Bing had a breathtaking photo of the Luna Moth. There is something in the combination of colors  from the twilight teal to the yellow green of Miss Luna that made my moth water. I collected papers,pencils,inks,markers and a most interesting product shrink plastic and waited and waited and wandered around some more. Then thought about it,dreamed about it and finally began to create. That is when time all but disappeared and the magic began. I am inspired by the little bits of magic in everyday life. This is my Little Altar begining


Colored pencil
After firing

luna moon


  1. eautiful! I love the colors and the theme. The beauty of nature, bugs, reptiles, etc., all inspire me too.

  2. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I love your moths! Got to find out about this shrinky stuff!

  3. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I wish we could make the pictures bigger so that I could see all the small details! I love how the shrinky dinks keep all the colors and fine lines-I can almost hear the whisper of their wings...Beth