Monday, January 28, 2013

More Moon Musing Altars

May I now introduce you to Gwen Gyldenege, A colorful character whom I have personally known  all of her life She is currently working with her voice to create colorful characters who read the most delightful stories to her many friends who I like to loving call "Short folks". If you get the chance check out her and her gang of puppets along with her kitties' chorus in the background, giggles will escape your face while viewing these, now don't say you haven't been warned,

This year, upon opening a ripe pomelo, I discovered it's delicious floral scent, much like that of walking through an orange grove.  Pleasantly surprised and captivated, I had to have more. I wanted to bottle it up and wear it every day.  The pith is what holds the richest scent.  The pomelo flesh, is also very tasty - like a cross between an orange and a grapefruit and delightfully pink.  When cut in a cross section, the contrast between the bright green rind, the pithy white and the cheerful pink pulp of the flesh segments is so inspiring.  I love how the pomelo segments aren't even in cross section. They remind me of flowers drawn by kids. So inspired to bottle up this scent, I went out and bought mason jars and all different kinds of citrus to make lemoncello, floral waters (via vodka) and vinegar for cleaning (thank you pinterest!). So, now that my counters are stacked with mason jars and the multitude of citrus offerings, the inspiration to draw these wonderful fruits happened. 

Well, it took a while before I was hit with inspiration.  This box, being less than evenly balanced on all sides jarred me so much that I couldn't create. I made that worse by berating myself for not doing anything, then was concerned that my artists block would continue long beyond just this one box into every other box I attempted.  Damn that cut out square!  But, I put the whole project into a drawer while frustrated and took the day off.  I let myself relax, enjoy, and napped. Then, the day after the full moon, I just sat down and started drawing all the citrus that I had brought into my life.  I let it all hang out and anchor near the lower right corner. Let the fruit fall where it may!  Lo and behold, it behaved! I was able to cut a square out and still maintain the integrity of the art I created. Whew!  

My favorite part about this was discovering the cross sections of each fruit.  When I look at it, my heart skips a beat over both the pretty pink & green pomelo flower cross section and how I really captured the pink ripening spot on a grapefruit. I think, "Wow, I did that.... I did!"

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  1. It's beautiful! I love the story and the colors. I adore limoncello. Had it for the first time in Italy in a little restaurant where they made it right there. YUMMY!